Tablo Quad commercial skip


I just received and installed my new Tablo Quad yesterday. I have not been able to figure out how to use the commercial skip. I thought it was built into the Quad. I have noticed everyone talking about getting a new update to support it. Version 2.2.26. My quad came with 2.2.25. Anybody have any ideas on this?



Tablo firmware v2.2.26 is rolling out over the next weeks, and includes the new Commercial Skip feature.


I had the same question Tablo support said the Quad did not ship with commercial skip.


Quad did not ship with 2.2.26. Mine also has 2.2.25 and I’m waiting… somewhat patiently… for this random rollout to hit my Quad. It could take weeks so… patience. :smiley:


That is interesting since it was one of the touted features of the quad. I wonder how long it will take to receive an update?


I thought 2.2.25 was the Beta that contained the commercial skip feature.

And commercial skip was only usable on lean back devices.


While there are beta versions of Tablo firmware v2.2.25 that include the Commercial Skip feature, the v2.2.25 release shipped with the new Tablo Quad doesn’t include Commercial Skip.


Yes supposedly the stock firmware on the new QUAD is numbered 2.2.25 and is not the same as the beta.


It’s been very quiet about 2.2.26. Have any users been updated to 2.2.26?

Or are they waiting until support comes back from the Easter break?


I think the rollout is paused while they’re off for Easter. Otherwise if any support issues DID arise, there would be nobody to take care of it. I think their reference to “weekdays” was literal.


I suspect that may be true. I have no inside on this but I was thinking along the same lines as you. That doesn’t stop me from checking every day though. :wink:


I hear ya… hahahah. I’m doing the same thing.