Tablo processor seems to freeze up for a few seconds, Unit is also hot to touch

I have had my 4 tuner tablo about 3 weeks and am about ready to return it. it seems to me that the unit processor freezes up for short periods of time. Symptom 1 is an hour long show will be broke into 3 random length recordings. The signal is very good from the antenna. Symptom 2 is the tablo disconnects from the network seems to reconnect after about 30 seconds or so. I know it is the tablo for several reason. it stops streaming to the Roku, it stops streaming to a PC, it has even lost connection to a pc when I was in the settings and when that happened I also looked at my TV and it was reconnecting.
Things I have done
Stand tabo on it’s side as it gets very hot (one reason I think the unit is defective and causes the processor to freeze).
Got and installed a USB splitter cable to add power for the hard drive (thought it was working to hard and overheating).
Purchased and installed new router.
I am afraid if I wait much longer I will not be able to return it. at this time I would consider the unit unusable.
one other note is all of my other streaming seems to work fine. I also only have 5mb of internet but when it is just recording I don’t think it should even need the internet.

Have you contacted Tablo Support? That doesn’t sound like that unit is operating correctly. I’ve had a 4 Tuner unit for years and it’s performed perfectly.

Tablo’s typically run much hotter than any other device you might have encountered Ths apparently is normal and within specifications.

Shows breaking into multiple portions is typically a result of poor signal quality. Tablo will start a new recording after a loss of signal.

There are a number of other posters here that are more knowledgeable on amplifiers, filters and other paraphernalia, Hopefully one or more of them will post with advice on how to check and improve your signal quality.

I believe my signal from the antenna to be perfect. I have been using it for years with both a dish dvr and I had the adapter for direct tv also. all signal indicators are green on every channel I have selected.

I plan to contact Tablo next week. Is a bit tough as I am at work when they are open.

Send help request to Tablo Support at : so they can check your Tablo.

thanks I will do that

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