Tablo Preview on Roku


Is there such a channel for Roku? I couldn’t find it on the Roku site or in the app, only the regular Tablo app.


There isn’t a Roku Tablo Preview app, but there is a beta app.
However, you need to be part of the Roku Tablo app beta program.


Ok, thanks for the info


So actually the Tablo PREVIEW app for the Android TV and Fire TV boxes are based on the Roku API. So the Tablo channel on the Roku is essentially the same as the “Preview” app.


Not really. It has a different UI and behavior. Here are a few examples:

Tablo app for Roku

Tablo Preview app

Tablo app for Roku

Tablo Preview app

There are a few other differences in behavior and appearance. The Preview app for Fire TV looks and behaves as both versions of the android app (standard and preview).


I think what @theuser86 was trying to say is that Tablo PREVIEW, the Tablo Roku channel, and the Tablo Apple TV app are all using the same (REST) API for communicating with the Tablo.

They are different code bases (obviously) and have a few differences, but they’re all built on the same base communication platform.


Yes way better said. This would explain why there is no Roku Preview app.


Is there a current Roku Beta? I used to be on the Roku Beta channel but seem to be currently on Tablo/Roku channel 2.8.0 and can’t find the Beta channel.


Do you have access to the Beta Testing section of the forum? The threads for the beta apps are there.

I tagged you in a post to the Roku app.


I did, but seem not to currently…I’ll contact @TabloTV to get that fixed.