Tablo Preview Dropping Out and Long (or No) Load for Live Shows

Since the new firmware came out I have been noticing two things that are (again) making my Tablo almost useless:

  1. When I use the Tablo Preview channel on my Roku, I can view the show information in the matrix, but if I attempt to select any channel for live view, the channel stops and dumps me back to the Roku main menu.

  2. On several previously strong channels, if I try to watch a show live, it will sit and churn for several minutes and then appears to either lock up or just stop. i usually have to back out or even hit the home button back to the Roku main menu to try again. I can’t tell you how many live shows I’ve seen recently on the channel guide, just to be disappointed when they wouldn’t load. I just gave up each time.

I have to say, between the lack or reliability of my Tablo and the constant problems with SlingTV (another $20 out of my pocket), I’m questioning if dumping Dish was such a great idea. I have spent a lot of money and time on this stuff and it’s getting me no where. Only Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have been my constant sources of TV.

Really disappointed on so many levels.

1 is what happens with Roku 2700X and maybe some others. The Tablo Preview Beta fixes it at least for the 2700X.

OK, thanks. Is that beta publically available? I’m not 100% sure which version I’m running right now.

If you ask @TabloTV or @TabloSupport they might give it to you since your Tablo Preview won’t work and they know it fixes it. You could also call them and talk to Charlene or whoever.

@KE4NYV - I’ve forwarded this thread to the support team. It’ll be helpful if you email and give us your MAC address as well with the specific request to have access to the beta channel.

Sorry, we’re dealing with the coming storm. I’ll email the requested information to support as soon as I get home to get the MAC from my box. Thanks!

@KE4NYV - Stay safe!