Tablo Preview channel still doesn't work

The regular Tablo Preview channel, Channel 2.0 build 11 does not work with my Roku LT 2700x but the Preview beta, Channel 2.0 build 15 does. My Roku LT 2700x has Roku software 6.2.

Tablo has 2.2.5 last build.

EDIT: Around 5 minutes after posting, I checked my Tablo app on the phone and upgraded. Tablo now has 2.2.6 and the released Preview Tablo channel works on the Roku LT 2700x.

What did you sneak in that wasn’t beta tested? Whatever it was, it fixed the problem.
Is there some way that when watching on the Roku that if an update for the Tablo is available that it can let us know, or send an email?

@beastman - We snuck two fixes into preview over the last week… One that increased the timeout length on the fetch of recordings and one that eliminated a playback issue where there was no video, just sound on Roku’s new 7x firmware.

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@TabloTV any idea when I will be getting Roku OS 7 on my Roku 3? I know it will be on my Roku 4 due to arrive today.

The noise when going to a commercial is still there on the Roku LT 2700x.