Tablo Preview App

Why is the Tablo Preview app going away? It is so much better than the Tablo app.

The current Tablo app IS what used to be the Preview app.

The old Tablo app was replaced by the Preview app and is now just called the Tablo app. Hence there is no need for the Preview app cause they are the exact same thing lol

Check out the Tablo app and see for yourself.

I checked it out and the Tablo app is better - especially with the premium service - however, the Tablo Preview app has the days over the top of the times which makes it much easier to navigate ahead through your 14 days. The Tablo app does not have it so you have to “scroll and wait”.
Perhaps another update will add that feature?

What device are you using (web app, Roku, Apple TV, etc.)? You have to enable the 14 day guide in Settings.

How to Enable the Enhanced 14-Day Live TV Grid on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, & Android TV

14-days of data on Tablo apps for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, & Android TV.

fyi: no web app or AppleTV :frowning: