Tablo Preview App on Roku - only options Live TV and Record

Yesterday, when I updated the firmware of my new Tablo 2-Tuner, I could have sworn the guide I got via Roku 3, using the Tablo Preview App included all of the options seen in the sidebar menu when I log in online.

Right now, I see only two options: Live TV and Record. Missing are things like the movie and TV tabs, and the scheduled recordings tab, etc.

Are those supposed to be there or am I just a confused person mixing it up with what I see online here, and on my iPhone?

Anyone else having issues?

I had a problem with my Fire Stick streaming a channel after buffering. It bounced back to the grid view. Iā€™m wondering if I need to reset and if I do, will I have to set everything back up again? Will I lose scheduled recordings?

Those are currently the only options on the preview and have been the only options since beta. You may have seen screens shots of the FireTV app.

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That is normal for the Roku preview channel. It is now on par feature wise with the original Roku channel.

If you delete the app from the Fire TV, reboot the Fire TV and then re-install the Tablo app you will not lose any scheduled recordings. That is on the Tablo itself.

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