Tablo Preview App not working

I have Tablo Preview App on my Fire edition TV. Today, it will not work at all. My Tablo shows up on the connection screen, when I click it to connect it comes back with ‘something went wrong, try again or cancel’. I followed the trouble shooting steps as I’ve always done, with no luck. I’ve even rebooted my router.

My regular Tablo apps (on my phone and also on my TV and tablet) are having no issues connecting. I can see my recordings, live TV, etc., which leads me to believe this is an app issue and not a device issue.

Any suggestions?

Does the standard Tablo app work on the same device?

Yes, it does.

ok…that’s important to establish that the device itself is on the proper network segment to allow for device discovery…so I 100% agree with you that it appears to be the preview app itself that’s having issues. I would open a ticket with them.

As of 20 minutes ago the preview app is working again. No idea what caused it.