Tablo Preview App Crashes When Changing Channels

So I recently bought my first Tablo so I’m new to this. If I’m watching two different channels in two different rooms and I change the channel on one Tablo Preview app, it kills the stream in the other room and says Connection Failure or something like that. This is happening on my Fire Sticks. Anybody else run into this issue? It doesn’t happen on the OG Tablo app. Just Tablo Preview when switching channels.

Do you have a HDD connected to your Tablo?

Yea I have a 1TB HDD connected to it.

I’ve only used the Fire TV app on one device at a time, not two. Maybe Tablo Support can help you track down the bug.

You are trying to stream the same channel on two device? Or two different channels?

Are you using a two tuner model? If so it sounds like you might be trying to play too many channels simultaneously.

Let’s say you’re playing channel 8 and channel 12 in the living room.

You go into the bedroom and start playing channel 14 which means one of your existing sessions will be interrupted.

Why? The app in the bedroom is going to ‘steal’ the tuners from your session in the living room to honor your more recent request.

If that’s not the case, feel free to drop a note to support and we can investigate further:

I do have the two tuner model but it’s not like you’re describing. This only happens on the Tablo Preview app on my Fire Sticks. I will be watching both streams. Whenever I change the channel on one Fire Stick, the other stream on the second Fire Stick says Failed to load video then gives me to option to retry playback or cancel. Doesn’t matter what I’m watching or when and it only happens when I change the channel in the Tablo Preview app.

Hrm… What kind of storage are you using (out of curiosity)?