Tablo Preview Android TV App Startup Issue

I have recently started seeing a Tablo Preview start up issue. When I start TabP it immediately resumes the last recorded program watched, and starts that program over from the beginning. When back is selected I get an error message “Disconnected From Tablo”. When cancel is selected the blue arrow circles forever and does not reconnect. If I select another app on my Android TV and return to Tablo, TabP operates normally until the next time it is started. This is happening on 2 different TVs. One with a wired network connection and one wifi.

Sony Bravia TV
Android OS V.8.0.0
Android App V1.8
Tablo Firmware 2.2.28

Is anyone else seeing this issue, any ideas?

We think this may be related to another bug that we believe we’ve fixed for the next update.

If you’re game, we could get you early beta access to see?

I’m happy to beta test for you. Let me know how

Sending you a DM with details!