Tablo - Please show windows 10 some love

Any chance of getting an official app for windows? I realize it can play in most browser but it would sure be nice to have an app that is borderless that I can resize with scale that can always remain on top of something else. :slight_smile:

Check out the Microsoft store. There is an official Windows Tablo app now for the Xbox One and computers running Win10.

One tip to remember: switch to “Tablet mode” in the quick toggles in the notification area to avoid having the title bar displayed at the top of the screen when using the Tablo Win 10 app.

Well…I installed the Windows 10 app but it requires me to update the tablo to 2.2.12. That version breaks my tablo and has been confirmed my tablo support. They said they would have an update but after the first of the year. They rolled me back to 2.2.10. Not sure why they would continue to push the update out if it breaks the tablo, even if it only breaks a small %. I would think the new version would be a priority if known issues are found…oh well…guess I will wait for the next version…

How does 2.2.12 break your Tablo, mate? I’ve been running that for about a month and haven’t had any trouble.

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All of my devices would stream for about 2-3 minutes than go to the buffering bar and sit there. I opened a ticket and they remoted in a rolled me back. He said it was a known issue with some tablos and it would be fixed in the next update. In the meantime I have to select no on the update prompt.

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Still on 2.2.8 here waiting for the latest bug free version but not holding my breath.

I mostly use my Roku and the ipad and have had no issues on 2.2.212, mate. What you do you mean by “all your devices”?


I have a fire stick, roku and Shield TV. The problem is with the update on certain Tablos. Not sure why some have the problem and some dont…I have a 4 tuner version that I bought about 2 years ago. Others have the same issue and the Tablo folks have acknowledged the issue to me. That is why they rolled me back to 2.2.10…the was the first time I have had an issue with an update…it makes me want to not install future updates as it works fine at 2.2.10