Tablo playback locking up on firmware 2.2.10

I have a new problem since updating to firmware 2.2.10. I will be watching a live TV program, and the playback will lock up. First, the video freezes, but the audio continues. Then, about 10 or 15 seconds later the audio quits. I have a 2 tuner Tablo, and have found that the only way to unfreeze it is to start playing 2 other channels to force the Tablo to release the tuner. Starting only one other channel, then going back to the locked up channel still has it locked up.

It does not do this all of the time, but it has done it more than once.

I am using a Nexus Player as my interface.

Do you get an error message re tuner usage?

Nope. No error messages at all. It just locked up. When I started playing a different station, it started just like it always has. No messages at all.

Wish I had an answer. Was hoping error message would give an indication. Ticket time I guess.

@Bobbo Definitely send us a ticket (as @JerryG noted) if you’re still having issues.

It did it twice, in one day, right after 2.2.10 was installed. That night we had a power outage, so the Tablo rebooted, and it hasn’t recurred. It has now been a week without a lockup.

I am hoping that the accidental reboot solved the problem. If it recurs, I will open a ticket.

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