Tablo playback freezes

I have a two-day-old Tablo connected via RJ45 to my Internet backbone (no WiFi involved). I have NO external drive. I’m using an attic antenna that my Amazon Fire and TV have used in the past. During installation, Tablo was recognized immediately by the LG Smart TV app and can record/playback some programs. However, this morning, when playing back a program which was still recording, the screen froze and displayed a spinning wait cursor. I had to turn off the TV and start again to return to Tablo. I tried the same recording (CBS Today), and it froze in the same place. I tried another program which was still recording (ABC Good Morning America) and it worked fine.
I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the Tablo TV app but that did not fix the problem.

So far, I’m not impressed by these ongoing issues.

If the LG webOS app is the only version you’ve been using, please be aware that this app JUST came out within the last couple of weeks.

Because this app is quite new and is just a precursor to future and better versions, you might be better off trying to use a different STB for your Tablo. Roku Ultras (and Express 4k+), Amazon Firestick 4k Max (1st and 2nd gen) and the Walmart onn 4k streaming box are much more stable when it comes to how well the Tablo performs.

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I have an Amazon Fire/Recast recorder as well but wanted more tuners. How do I use this with the Tablo?