Tablo Picture Brightness

The brightness of my Tablo live and recordings pictures varies. Many times they are dim (less bright) compared to the same channel direct from the antenna cable. This occurs on several TVs, both 55" and 36". Sometimes they are as bright. Any thoughts?

Check your tv settings, mate. That is probably messing you up.

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Thanks John. The problem was that the original antenna signal booster was not working. After replacing it, everything is OK. No dim pictures on the Tablo.

uh… signal booster causes “dimness”… sure wouldn’t think so… it’s digital not analog.

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Thank you cjcox. In this case a working antenna signal booster provides a bright, clear picture on all 5 of my sets, and also the Tablo, which is fed by the boosted antenna cable. Everything is working as designed. Happy camper. End of my discussion.

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Glad you got the problem sorted, mate. Cheers!