Tablo PC Access

I’ve had my Tablo active for about a month. It always works perfectly on my fire TV’s and Android TV, and most of the time on my iPhone. On the PC, however, anytime I close my web browser or the windows 10 tablo app and then reopen, I receive the following message: “Unable to retrieve information for this Tablo from the Tablo servers.”

It’s resolved most of the time by rebooting, and it’s resolved 100% of the time by resetting the Table via the little button. After a reboot or reset I have to click on the x to rescan and find the “new tablo”. I utilize the remote access, and resetting the unit results in the public ports being changed, and then I have to update my Port forwarding all over again.

I have Fixed allocation turned on for the MAC Address to make sure the IP address is static. As I mentioned, this only occurs on my PC. I have the problem with chrome, firefox, and the Windows 10 Tablo App. All of my devices are connected to the LAN via ethernet. The only wifi device is my iPhone. Are there any other router or windows firewall settings that would prevent this? I have the following router: Motorola NVG589

Have you tried doing this first?

I would tend to a suspect a “security” setting within Windows 10. Since it’s not limited to a single source within your PC… other than your OS not letting something get through.

How is your Tablo connected to your router? If it is wired, then no problem. If you use wifi, there is a chance that you have used the wrong MAC address in the router reservation. I made this mistake myself. The wifi and the wired have different MAC addresses, and the Tablo only displays the wired MAC address. If you think this is possible, then you should be able to determine the correct MAC address by logging into your router as the admin and examining the MAC addresses of the devices connecting to it thru wifi. It took me some detective work, but I was able to figure it out.

This shouldn’t happen, especially if you set a static IP for the Tablo on the router.

Can you confirm the Tablo is getting the same IP address every time you reboot the router or reboot the Tablo?

As well, are you using UPnP for setting up the port forwarding? You could turn off UPnP and set up the port forwarding manually. This then should survive reboots.

Tablo connected via Cat 5 along with all the devices accessing the Table with exception of my iPhone.I have verified the MAC address assigned to the IP matches the Tablo settings.

Yes, the first thing I attempt before anything is to rescan, and then I receve the “Already have a Tablo OTA DVR?, Search Again” screen. After I reboot the Table is found again.

the NVG589 does have a UPnP setting/feature.

Before I added a fan to my Tablo, I would occasionally get this message.

I went ahead and disabled the “enable remote access” setting, and it appears to have resolved the issue of needing to reboot any time I re-open the Tablo app or web browser.

I’m getting a new internet provider in few days and will have a new router as well. I’ll attempt the remote access and port forwarding again…maybe it is something strange with this old router. Wonder if it’s because there is no UPnP feature?