Tablo over internet (old thread)

Thinking of getting tablo to stream from one ip address to another. Reason is ota is horrible here at home and think of setting tablo at vacation home where ota is good. Could this type of setup work on roku located at home location?

Via VPN, yes. Basically the Roku needs to be on the same network as your Tablo since the Roku doesn’t support Tablo Connect.

Above Nilex posting is not correct.
(VPN is not necessary to stream Tablo over internet.)

It would be for a Roku though. Without Tablo Connect, device has to see the Tablo on its own LAN.

Actually @Nilex is correct in this situation. Roku is not a compatible device for Tablo Connect/remote access. Therefore, if OP wants to use a Roku at a remote location a VPN would be a solution to make the Roku and Tablo be on the “same” network.

I sit corrected…

Thanks for clarifying this point about ROKU & remote viewing:
We can easily watch remotely on computer or ipad or phone but not ROKU.

(Since VPN is a possible solution there are probably some other solutions too like static IP addresses and static arps and IP-forwarding/port-forwarding?)

Actually, no. Well, not practically anyhow. VPN is what you’d end up with practically. You need to be on the same network domain as the Tablo.

(there is a “proxy” way to do this though)

I would only trust Tablo connect for mobile devices that travel outside the home network from time to time. I don’t think it was ever intended for a permanent remote solution and as such issues arise when stretched that far.

We have done this consistently - with an important qualification - for many months, with a Fire Stick which does work with Remote Connection, and is rock solid on pairing (has never lost it) … and only costs $40 (less on regular sales).

The important caveat is this: Tablo, as many of us know, crashes/freezes a lot. Sometimes it’s the Tablo, sometimes the hard drive. We’ve solved this by putting the Tablo on a TP-Link mini plug, which also connects to wifi and can be controlled long distance via a phone app. We put an independently powered hard drive on another TP-Link mini plug. So, when Tablo and/or the hard drive crash/freeze (usually can’t tell which), we power them off via the phone app and try various orders of powering back on. Sometimes we have to do this two or three times in a row before the Tablo is back up and the hard drive is properly connected to it, but it always works to get things working again remotely.

That’'s not the most elegant thing, but when you consider what’s being achieved, it’s still pretty amazing. And it works.

Your mileage may vary.

We own 2 old school 2-tuner Tablos. Neither one has crashed or locked up in over 2 years.

Yup, I probably should have said the 4-tuner freezes/crashes. Almost all the historical reports are on the 4-tuner, which has truly great flexibility but is doing an awful lot of work when three or four programs are recording or playing simultaneously. My own hunch is that it’s as often the hard drive having a hard time keeping up with all the seeking involved with simultaneous multiple programs as it is the Tablo; true or not, either way it’s periodically too much and they faint.

&&& subject 1: remote access via Roku:
the proxying approach might resemble a session-border-controller for tablo video.

&&& subject 2: some peoples tablos crash, other do not, almost as if there is software involved:
i haven’t necessarily noticed my 4-tuner tablo crashing, but i do sometimes see 2 copies of a recording. But i have yet to see the failure signature like a crashed moxi: 2 segments of a recording with a couple minute gap inbetween the recorded segments.
Is there a cool way to see uptime of the tablo in one of the screens?