Tablo over heating and it just stops working

I have the TABLO 4 tuner and was watching Sunday night football this weekend. In three separate instances the stream just stopped working and went right back to the main ROKU screen. I then select TABLO and pick the channel to watch and it starts “Loading” and then jumps right back to the guide. In all three instances the only way to fix this was to unplug the TABLO and then plug it back in.

Also the TABLO was extremely hot to the point I burnt my finger. It is located in a wide open space with plenty of air so it cant be overheating due to poor air circulating as it is literally sitting on my desk.

Is there anything I can do about this? Also it is using the newest/latest firmware.

Did you put it on it’s side??? First thing I had to do

I have it laying straight down on the table.

Put it on it’s side, it helps let the heat get released and seems to stop the issues I originally had as well :wink:

I thought mine was hot too. Mine’s on a desk in the basement so I put it on a big thick metal cookie sheet. That should act like a heat sink and wick heat away.

These things run hot. Standing on the side is a good, simple option. And so is adding a small desk fan to help exchange some air around the device.

I ran my vertically on its side. No overheating.

@Lothos If you’re still experiencing interruptions like this, feel free to contact us directly. We can take a look at your Tablo and see what’s going on.

I did not contact you directly but I did reset the Tablo a few days ago for firmware 2.2.6 and for some reason it is working better and more smoothly. Maybe something just got bugged when I purchased it 6 months ago. I love the new changes, at least now when the Table is having signal problems instead of rewinding and showing the same clip over and over again it just takes off from were it left off. Your team is really improving this and since there is virtually no competition in the market once you get it refined it should really grab hold of a nitch market :slight_smile: