Tablo outperforming Cable?

I cut the cord in Dec 2017, and have never looked back. I have my 4-tuner Tablo and my 3 Roku’s hard-wired into a 1GB switch, so my system is SOLID. We still stream Netflix and Amazon etc. on the Rokus as well. I have no pixelation and no buffering on any of my equipment from any source, ever. The key is a good antenna and a solid network.

This past weekend I went to visit my daughter off at college, and was staying in a rental home with cable TV. Just trying to find the local news on the cable system was a nightmare, not to mention finding the local channels in HD! And to my shock, we were seeing occasional pixelation on every one of the channels. Yikes! We never had that with DirecTV…I guess cable is still a ways behind Satellite and OTA systems on signal quality. Who’d’ve thunk?

OTA DVRs sure have come a long way, and the Tablo is one slick device. I recouped my cord-cutting costs in less than 6 months, and I am now saving nearly $140/month over my old DirecTV setup.

Kudos to Tablo and Roku for making OTA programming available to the masses. I marvel regularly at how well designed all of this stuff is, and how well it all works together. We use the Live TV, DVR and whole-home capabilities on a daily basis. My family (including my wife!) loves this setup.

Keep up the great work!


Glad to hear it!

Thanks for the kind words!