Tablo ONLY Sound on computer terrible Windows 11

Hi, I have windows 11 gaming machine so no issues with any bottle necking. The sound from the Tablo app is absolutely terrible! Music, web tv like Motor Trend mp4 videos have no issues with sound quality. Only Tablo sound snaps crackles and pops badly.

I have updated all the sound drivers available, turned off sound enhancements but nothing can be done to fix the sound issue. I hope someone at Tablo will look into the problem and fix it.


Have you tried the web app in Firefox to see if it’s any better?

Hi Smess,

Sound on Firefox is perfect, but image seems not as good as Win 11. Sound is fine on tablet, Roku, mars probably except NIL on Windows app.

Are you using the Tablo Windows app or a browser other than Firefox when you hear the snap crackle pop

Windows 11 Tablo app. If I use the browser the sound is fine. The only sound issue that I have with Win 11 is with the Tablo app. Like mentioned in first post, tried a lot of workarounds. None work so far.