Tablo on Xbox One

SO I watch Tablo on many devices why on my Visio Smart cast my 7.1 surround sound system works just fine but when I use the tablo app on Xbox One witch using any game or app has 7.1 surround sound but with the Tablo App I do not get 7.1

Currently, the Tablo doesn’t support surround sound.

The Tablo records the video in h.264 format, and the audio in 2.0 AAC format.

This is to ensure compatibility across many platforms. Not all devices can decode the native MPEG2 video, nor the native 5.1 AC3 audio.

so you are telling me that the Tablo App for Xbox One can not do it but the Tablo App for my smart cast can. Correct ?

The Tablo (the 2 tuner or 4 tuner) device doesn’t provide a surround sound channel at all today.

ok if that is the case then why do I have 7.1 surround sound with all android tablo apps that I only have this problem with the Xbox One tablo app?

Not sure. Just whatever is “saying” there is 7.1 coming from Tablo is mistaken. Not saying that a device can’t be 7.1 capable, but the Tablo will just send 2 channel sound to it because that’s all it has.

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ok thanks

Not sure if it solves it, but havyou tried using Tablo through Kodi? The addon works pretty darn good.