Tablo on second router?

I was wondering if anyone is having problems with having the Tablo wired to a second router in the house. I’m thinking of moving my antenna on my house and it would be easier to hook to the second router upstairs instead of the main router downstairs. We watch the most tv downstairs on a Fire TV and Stick. I thought I had read here that people were having troubles with this setup. Has this been fixed with the latest updates?

This second “router”, how is it connected to your main router?

As well, is the second router just a network switch?

I only ask cause if it’s a switch, it should work. If it’s in fact a 2nd router running its own DHCP server, then it won’t work.

I have my Tablo wired to an Airport Extreme that is set up as an extended network on one end of the house and my router is on the other end. I had to do this because my dsl line comes in to the router on one end and my antenna cable is on the other end. Bottom line is it works great, BUT I only have one router broadcasting. (to be honest - I just don’t want to spend hours up in the attic redoing things!)

The second router is connected LAN to LAN, DCHP is turned off and on the same subnet. Both are broadcasting the same ssid. The second router was added to help the wifi reception upstairs.

Sounds like it should work just fine.

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If that’s the case, then you should have the router in “bridge” mode and it’s no longer a router. It’s just a network switch/wifi access point. Should work fine.

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Just wanted to say that I got around to moving everything upstairs to the bridged router and all is good. Thanks for the help!