Tablo on Samsung Gear VR

Hey - I know this is a long shot since market penetration likely doesn’t make it economically feasible (yet). But was wondering if there was any chance you guys are considering creating an app for the oculus store for the Samsung Gear VR (and other Oculus headsets)? I love the Netflix App and think that watching TV I’ve recorded on the Tablo the same way would be awesome…


Interesting idea.

Sounds more like a program that would come from an interested 3rd party developer like the Tablo Ripper and the Tablo Plex channel.


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That could be a cool CES thing for next year… 2017, not 2016. We’ve already got plans for 2016.

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Thanks @TabloTV and @cthompgh.

By then (hopefully) there will be wider adoption. Incidentally, I am not sure if this is an easy tweak or not. But I just tried Samsung’s beta web browser to access both the web player - and beta player and everything works right up until after the spinning circle and then no actual playback. If resources needed to find a way to allow playback on their browser - that could be a good interim “fix” and a very cool thing to be able to promote access to…