Tablo on Roku Won't Play

This has happened before on the Roku Express + but not the Roku Express. Tablo shows all the live channels and recordings, but nothing will play. It just buffers. It works fine through the web interface.

Today it started happening with both the Roku Express (upstairs TV) and Express + (downstairs). Both are connected wireless.

I’ve reset the Rokus, powered them off then on, updated software, powered on and off Tablo, powered on and off Router, checked for updates on Tablo and Roku (none found), deleted unused apps on Roku in case of lack of space, in Tablo settings set it to play at lowest resolution, turned on and off fast live TV - all don’t fix the problem.

The problem persists even if the storage is disconnected - play just live TV.

Does reducing the Live TV or Recording Quality help?

If this is intermittent it’s likely that something is slowing down your home network.

I tried reducing it to the minimum. It didn’t help. I have it set at 3, one above the minimum.

If you touch base with support they can do some additional diagnostics including some network scans: