Tablo on AppleTV via PlexConnect


So I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but I wondered if using PlexConnect (redirects Trailers App requests to your Plex Media Server) along with the Tablo channel for Plex, I could get my Tablo onto my ATV without the use of my iPad.

In short, it worked and I am quite excited about this (my wife will be much more inclined to using the service now…). I am using an iMac running Mavericks, a Tablo 4-tuner and an ATV3, all connected by ethernet.

Follow @Davidvr and @PIX64’s instructions and then install PlexConnect.

That’s it. Pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding work as expected and it is super easy.

I made a tweak with DNS settings in PlexConnect (From their FAQ’s "The other applications on my ATV are working much slower after I setup PlexConnect: Change the “ip_dnsmaster” IP in the “Settings.cfg” file (this is generated on the first clean shutdown of PlexConnect) to your ISP’s DNS server IP (it is set to Google’s DNS server by default; for some users this may cause slowness on the other native applications as it masks your geographical location to content delivery networks))

There are a couple caveats, as it stands: There aren’t any network designations under “Live TV,” just a list of currently playing shows. The “Live TV” sections do not update automatically after a time slot passes; you have to back out to the main Tablo menu and reselect “Live TV.” There is no convenient 30 second skip.

Like I said, I am not a programmer by any means, and this is definitely a mish-mash of services, but it works really well for such a solution. I’ll be happy to lend any help I can, as I have had to do lots of Plex-forum searching.

Very NIce!

There is def no reason it should not work.  PlexConnect, while I have only used it in a alpha/beta testing capacity (when helping the dev workout some kinks).  That being said i had to borrow a friends ATV in order to give it a whirl.

Glad it is working well for you and I would love to see a video of things working!

Ask and you shall receive!

beautiful!  @TabloTV - any way we can get this added into the main thread giving props to @maori1775 for the video?  Might be nice to show appletv running via plexconnect and LIVE TV!

@PiX64 - Your (reasonable) wish is my command! :)