Tablo on Android Phone

My Tablo app was extremely slow this morning, so I tried deleting the files, and then tried connecting again. Now it wants to sync forever. I THOUGHT sync was done in the background.

On another note, is there a way to force playback on Roku to be less than what it was recorded at? I’m hopeful that the new Roku 4 with Wireless AC will fix the problems. Perhaps it’s time to move the cable modem to the bedroom to join the Tablo, and then at least have the Tablo wired instead of wireless.

Unfortunately no, there is no way to make the Tablo re-encode the video to a lower bitrate for local playback on the Roku. This currently only works for remote viewing with the Tablo Connect feature.

However, also remember re-encoding the video to a lower bitrate uses 1 tuner so you’d have less tuners available for recording or live TV.

As for the Android issue:

  1. Reboot the router, then the Tablo.
  2. Delete the Tablo Web app from the Android device, reboot the device, then re-install the app.