Tablo offline - PLEASE SEND EMAIL

When the Tablo goes offline, PLEASE send an email so we can REBOOT IT. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, we might not knw about it until several recordings have been missed :frowning:


If it is offline, how would they send an email :confused:



Would it be possible to have a script running on a computer and ping the ip address of the Tablo (would require using DHCP reservations, which most do anyway for other reasons) and have it run hourly?

I know on Unix (and Linux) there is Sendmail. Is there any way to send an email message from the script with switches using Outlook or whatever?

It would be easy to do locally in your own network :wink:

At least to me it would be easy lol, but it may ping yet not be available to stream. You would have to do some other tests.

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This is a good idea, I wrote up a quite script in Python to run on my Linux server at home to do this. But, instead of having the server send out the mail (a pain because I don’t want to deal with setting up exim/sendmail/postfix), I am using a free service named Dead Man’s Snitch. Basically, the way DMS works is that a job runs and if the job finishes, at the end it hits a HTTP end-point at DMS. If that end-point doesn’t get hit over a period of time (for free accounts, it’s an hour), then DMS will send you an email saying that the service you’re monitoring is down. DMS is really nice.

Anyways, my script is here on Github. Give it a try and let me know. I am using it at home to monitor my Tablo box now.