Tablo off no blue light

Saturday night I watched the NASCAR race. Turned TV off as usual. Sunday morning turned TV on and can’t find tablo. Check all connections and no blue light. Bought the Tablo a little over a year ago. I know it’s only been a few weeks since I renewed my program subscription. Guess that’s my luck with a year warranty .

Try powering on the Tablo without the hard drive connected.
You won’t be able to record anything, but Live TV should work without the hard drive connected.

Also, it could be the Tablo power adapter, while rare, they have been known to die.
Here’s the link to get a replacement:

It’s a good idea to have a spare, just in case anyway.

If you try another power outlet, do you have the same issue? If so, it could just be the power supply as @Radojevic mentioned. Don’t hesitate to give our team a shout if you’d like us to take a look.

Well I ordered a power supply. We had a thunder/lightning storm Sunday morning. All my devices are connected through a supposed to be great surge protector. Besides the Tablo, tv, receiver, Roku, antenna amp, router, Harmony remote hub, cooling fan, Raspberry pi, and iPhone chargers are all connected to it. If a surge did it that’s all it got.

About how long do you think it takes to deliver a power supply?

Do you know how it was shipped? Did you receive any sort of tracking number?

My guess would be at least 3 to 4 business days for UPS ground or FEDEX ground and probably 4 to 6 business days for USPS. Since Monday is a holiday, the earliest you might expect it would be Tuesday.

The power supply failing has been a known problem for many years. I purchased a spare power adapter at least 3 years ago, just in case. Fortunately I haven’t had any problems, but that may also be due to having nearly all of my electronic equipment connected to UPS’s to protect them from surges and short power outages.

Hope the new power adapter fixes your problem.

No tracking number, only shipped via Canada. Really missed being able to watch some of the shows prerecorded. Hoping to get it in next couple days! Thanks

Sometimes if you are lucky you can find a 12volt adapter with the right size connector in the miscellaneous electronics bin at the local thrift store. I’ve picked up a couple for 50 cents to use for backup.

I have been using Belkin BU3DC001 12V UPS for quite some time. It works well. The unit plugs into the standard AC outlet and has a standard 2.1/5.5 barrel connector on it that plugs directly into the Tablo. The regular AC adapter is not used. It can power the Tablo for several hours during a power outage. Since it is a 12 volt UPS, it will not power your television, so without a standard UPS you cannot keep watching, but at least your recordings will be there when the power is restored. These can be found on eBay pretty inexpensively: