Tablo Not Working All of a Sudden

I got my tablo yesterday - hooked to TV…tested recording last night…all working…

Today…I’ve got a mess!

Only changes in between were
1 - I tried to connect my antenna power supply to the USB on the tablo
2 - I rescanned for channels
3 - I tried to connect to the tablo via my iPad instead of the usual apple tv app

It has my old recordings but it won’t show the live guide and won’t show the prime TV shows

and when I enter the live guide it totally freezes and won’t let me back out and i keep having to reboot my apple tv

help! ideas?

Ok @nibw so I have only had my Tablo 3 weeks so don’t take my 2 cents as accurate but I believe the USB won’t power anything … i’m thinking it is only use for communicating if so then maybe your antenna is no longer getting strong enough signal.

But hey I could also be totally wrong here but felt possibly this might help.