Tablo not seeing subscription

I have a one year subscription that started in August. When I log into the tablo website it says I have this subscription.

My actual tablo says I don’t have a subscription (as evidenced when I log into it via the iPad.) I actually can’t connect to it from my browser for some reason. I tried deleting the device off my account and then re-adding it, but that did not fix the problem.

The table has been behaving very poorly recently, there have been missed recordings, difficulty connecting, etc. All since the update to 2.2.6 but that might be a coincidence. I’m hoping the subscription is the problem though, does anyone have any advice?

@acrylamidetic - That’s odd… Send a note to support with the MAC address of your Tablo. We can check things on our end and see why it’s not showing:

I have the lifetime too and have the same problem. What’s the answer?

Reboot your router, wait 2 min, reboot your Tablo.

I appreciate the help, but that did not work.

Then do as Tablo suggested above.