Tablo not responding

How do I know when it is dead?

I reset all of my networking. Reset the tablo. None of the tablo interfaces will connect.

I hit rescan and it finds my tablo but it will not connect any longer. Was working fine yesterday.

It looks like the blue light is blinking at about the 1 second interval.

Have you pulled the power plug from your Tablo yet?
I’ve had occasional times where the Blue Reset button would not get my Tablo out of a locked-up mode, and it required a power cycle…which fixed the issue once it booted back up.
Steady blinking blue LED means that it isn’t booted up correctly, or is in the process of booting…

Thanks. I tried pulling the plug when everything else didn’t work. It still came back up with the steady blinking light.

Sounds like it’s time to open a support ticket:

I did. I think it is dead. I really like my tablo too, it only lasted a month though.

@rucknrun I think our support team is working with you - we’ll get this figured out!

In the end it was a busted ethernet switch down the line. It took me a while to find it. I guess the Tablo’s light was blinking because it could not get to the internet.

Yes the slow blinking means the Tablo has not made a connection with your router.

Yes. The thing that really confused me was that when my Tablo web app scanned for tablo’s it seemed to find mine. I thought it was actually on the network when it really wasn’t.

Yeah the Web app will list the Tablo even if it’s not on the network. You could delete the Tablo from the Web app, then when it scanned the network for a Tablo it wouldn’t have found one.

Glad you figured it out though.

Thanks for taking the time to help.


Those problems are so aggravating! I hate it when my kit gets knackered.