Tablo not recording programs scheduled

I am having problems recording programs, I record a soap mon-fri.
On a regular basis it just does not record. I even set up two different schedules to record the same program and today neither recorded. Both have days to be recorded, but I get home and nothing has recorded. Hard drive 1/3 full. I have also seen were it looks like it is recording a program and nothing appears in Recordings. Need help getting frustrated. I have scheduled manual and by the guide.

  1. Did this problem only start happening once you updated to 2.2.2?
  2. Having a scheduled recording and a manual recording for the same channel at the same time is also probably not a good idea. It might not be working due to some type of conflict.
  3. Do you have a dual tuner or quad tuner?

Read this thread:

What I am finding is that I will have 2 channels recording, one will show it in recordings and the other
I am able to go to live tv and rewind so I know it is recording but will not appear in recordings. Once record is done it disappears.

Thanks, I believe the soap problem was reception.
But lost recordings still seem to be a problem.
I believe they are aware of it.

I experiment the same situation as described by Jpaulmille. Everything works like a charm except for ONE show that is programmed for recording weekly. Strangely, I can watch the program after it started. It can be rewinded and paused, just like for any recording done with Tablo. Even once the recording is over, I can watch it untill the end of it (provided I had open the view window by clicking on the TV channel before it ends !). But once I exited the window (using the left-arrow in the upper left corner) ; it is gone and it cannot be found anywhere in the « recording » section !

I can recall that before (the last update possibly !) I could watch this particular program. Again, it seems to be the only show that cannot be programmed successfully ! For reference this program is « Au secours de Béatrice » on channel 2 (R.-C. Montréal) every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00.

This is most likely just a glitch but that does not mean it can be easily catched and fixed ! That is why I tried to describe the situation with as much details as possible. Thanks for the great product that has only improved since I own one !

@SuperTablo - Please touch base with support. We should be able to figure out how to rescue Beatrice and get her back into your recordings list :slight_smile: