Tablo not recording correct show

I have a 4 tuner tablo, in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I have it set to record The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon nightly (new shows only) on Channel 8-1. The show is listed in “recent recordings”, but it is recording the wrong channel (41-1, Jimmy Kimmel) and only for 6 minutes. I deleted the show from scheduled recordings an re-entered it. It still is recording the wrong channel and only 6 minutes. Any ideas?

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It sounds like the guide data is mxed up, mate. If you just try to watch the channel do you see the show the guide says? Think you need to give support a ring.

Only if he wants to have a serious relationship with them. :wink:
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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Update. Everything recorded ok on the 26th (right channel, right length of time), but wrong again on the 27th (wrong channel only 6 minutes). I guess it might be time for a reboot.

@DiscoStu Definitely touch base with our team; we can check it out!

Hello fellow local Tablo user, I live in GR as well! Did the program guide data work itself out? Its been a few months since you posted this. If not, I can see if I can record Kimmel myself. Just received a 4 tuner tablo last week and trying to get used to it /w our apple TV

I think it worked itself out. I haven’t noticed anything strange lately. I’ve had my Tablo for more than 2 years now. I use it mostly with Rokus and I have one Google Nexus. I’ve been quite happy with it. What kind of antenna do you use? I got a cheap ($45) RCA ANT751R from Amazon. I added a Pre-Amp and pointed it just a little east of South and get almost all channels in the area. I seem to pick up PBS (WGVU Channel 35.*) pretty clearly off the back end. I don’t watch TV remotely or try to download the content to computers, so i can’t talk about those features, but watching on TV seems to work just fine.

I picked up a Clearstream 2v from Best Buy for about $99. Not knowing much about antennas I thought it was a first good try. No idea If it’s good or not as I do have some signal issues. I have mine pointed in the same slightly east if south and pick up about 24 channels. I’m in a 1.5 story bungalow though with a 2 story directly next door so aiming the antenna is very very finicky ESP with CBS, I’m assuming it’s due to the house next door as if i back the antenna up to the other side it helped a bit. Funny enough I have it aimed nearly straight at my chimney about 2feet back in the attic. This summer I will probably try moving the antenna to the roof to see if it helps. What pre-amp did you buy? The wife still insists on having still keeping u-verse until I get the kinks worked out. trying to ditch it and go with the Tablo and possibly something like directtv now or sling though.

My pre-amp was just a standard RCA TVPRAMP1R. I live in a two story house in EGR with lots of trees and houses around me. I had the antenna mounted on a wooden fence about 7 feet in the air for a while. I now have it mounted on the gable end of my house. Even with the trees and houses, I get much better reception up there. Channel 3 (CBS out of Kalamazoo) is probably my weakest channel. If you go to, you can enter your address and it will tell you the exact direction of the transmitters.