TABLO Not recognizing recordings after reboot

Tried using my Tablo today and it was frozen and would not let any of my devices connect Ipad, Roku or Computer.
Had to use the restart button on the back.
After doing that I still had to uninstall the original Tablo, rescan and add it again to get it to see it.
After all that my tablo is now working again but all my original recordings are gone.
The hard drive shows as having information in the settings but when I look at the recordings page there’s nothing.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my tablo to see all my recordings on my hard drive. Thanks.

If you used the blue button on the back of the Tablo and also had to rescan your channels you likely factory reset your device rather than just rebooting it.

How long did you hold the blue button for? You are only to press it for one second to reboot it. Anything longer than 15 seconds will factory reset it.

Your recordings are gone for life. Connect the HDD to your computer, format the drive to reclaim all the used space. Connect it back up to your Tablo and let the Tablo format the drive as new and you’ll have all the space for use again.