Tablo not opening in Roku

I have a Tablo whole-home OTA DVR and a Roku streaming stick. The Tablo channel will never open in Roku unless we delete and then re-add the channel, every single time. Tablo works fine on devices (iPhone, etc.) but not on the TV using Roku. It is really frustrating. I’ve seen similar complaints here, but none recently, and none with satisfactory corrections from Tablo support.

I think the “problem” is that most of us Roku users have never seen this (well, I haven’t anyhow).

It might be worthy of you entering a support request to have the Tablo folks take a look though.

When I first bought my Tablo 4 years ago, I couldn’t connect with my Roku. On a hunch, I switched Tablo’s connection from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, and it worked. Never investigated why after that, as I haven’t changed the network connection since.

Definitely give us a shout, we can take a look from our end and see what’s going on.

Just did, thanks!