Tablo not found on Roku at vacation home

I have a tablo at my primary residence ethernet wired to one TV and a wirelessly streamed to a roku stick on the same network. I can view the tablo programming away from home on data via my iPhone. I have a vacation home that has a wireless hotspot and a roku tv. When i downloaded the tablo app it can not find my tablo and it doesn’t appear that the tablo app has any way to input my email address and password to find the tablo like the app does on the iphone. Am I missing something here or is it not possible to stream tablo to a different network on a roku tv? I guess my other option is purchasing a hdmi cable for my iPhone, connecting it to the tv and mirroring the image to view the tablo programming. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The Tablo Connect functionality is not available for Roku or AppleTv devices. You will need either a FireTv or one of the AndroidTv boxes in your vacation home.

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Thank you. Will the amazon fire stick work or will i need to purchase the fire media player?

The Fire Stick will work remotely but I was dissatisfied with the performance of my gen 1 Fire Stick (the current gen may be satisfactory) so I eventually replaced it with a Xi box, which works satisfactorily. BUT DON’T FORGET, whichever device you use, you must first pair it on the same network as your TABLO in order for TABLO Connect to work in your vacation home.

Thank you, especially the tip regarding the home network as I had forgotten about that.

I agree that the 1st gen FireTV stick was too under-powered to be a good user experience. The 2nd gen (current version) works great though. FF / RW and general navigation are very quick with the 2nd gen FireTV stick.