Tablo not found everytime launching APP, power cycling

Well for the past 4 months I have been power cycling my Tablo Quad Tuner. I figured this would get fixed eventually. When I launch the app and try to rescane nothing. So back to the basement structured panel, open it, power cycle. Getting tired of this. What is the fix.


Maybe the Tablo power supply is going South. It can’t hurt to have a spare and they can be purchased for $12 or less. Search the blogs here on the subject.

When you can’t access the Tablo, is the blue LED on it off?

Or it could be an overheating issue if the Tablo is in a confined space. Is the area well ventilated?

I have a brand new Tablo and it does this every couple weeks… it will stop responding and say it can’t be found… seems to be the only way to fix it is to power cycle the unit. I’ve contacted support about this and I have not heard a response yet.