Tablo Not Found error (iPad, Ethernet)

New user here — I’ve looked all over for information about this problem, but haven’t found it, so apologies for asking what’s probably a common problem.

New Tablo dual tuner HDMI model. Ethernet connected to my network, and it’s working fine. The guide loads up, and the firmware updated, so the network is okay. Tablo Wifi setting is off, (apparently required, since the unit is on Ethernet, which makes sense.)

I installed the iOS Tablo app on my 5th generation iPad Mini, which is running 15.6.1, but it can’t find the Tablo on the network.

I’ve also tried this using a full-size iPad, 8th gen, OS version 15.6.1, and get the same results.

What have I overlooked? Is there a router setting I need? (uPnP is off).

thanks in advance,

Check the website, to use HDMI models on additional devices you need a subscription, but even then iPads don’t show up as supported.

Due to technical limitations, TV-connected Tablo DVRs cannot be accessed via:

  • Apple TV
  • Smartphones or tablets
  • PC/MAC
  • Smart TVs powered by Samsung TIZEN or LG WebOS
  • Xbox

If streaming to these types of devices is important to you, consider a network-connected Tablo DVR instead.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m glad I didn’t spend more time looking for the solution.