Tablo not Found by Roku & no Tablo network

I’ve searched and not found this topic answered - We’ve had our Tablo about a month and have had frequent issues with having to restart it to get the Roku to find it. Now it’s not connecting anywhere. I searched for its WiFi network and there’s nothing there, IPad can’t find it, Roku can’t find it. We have done all the resets suggested multiple times. With each reset, the Tablo never goes to solid blue light - just keeps blinking. Do we have a garbage unit? I can’t believe that a company with a TV product doesn’t have any live support after 5:30 EASTERN time.

You didn’t say what model of Roku you are using?

But one problem I see every week (like last night) on my Roku 3 is that it appears that the speed by which sockets are recycled or even released between the Roku and the tablo server can be too slow.

This can result in the roku entering reconnecting cycle (forever). It also prevents other clients from discovering/finding the tablo server.

I have multiple tablos so I have the ability to disconnect from the tablo server and exit the app. Once a disconnect/exit is preformed it usually takes 2.5-3 minutes to return to normal.

But rebooting just the Roku also clears the problem.

Using a Roku Premier+ with a Tablo dual lite but the issue is broader than not connecting with the Roku. When I do a search for the Tablo’s wifi network, it doesn’t appear. I also can’t get my I pad or computer to find the Table. After each attempted reset, the blue light just keeps bunking. The unit worked pretty good for the first week, since then we have had to restart it every few days. Now it’s not connecting at all.

The Tablo’s WiFi network will not appear after you the first time you setup the Tablo. The Tablo only broadcasts its WIFi network for its first time setup.

Once it is connected to your router, it no longer broadcasts its own WiFi network.

Have you tried rebooting (aka power cycling) your router?

What is the make and model of your router?

Using a Linksys wrt1900 ac. Yes, I’ve rebooted everything multiple times.

I happen to have a very similar setup: Linksys WRT1900 and Tablo 2-tuner (the old metal one).

I have found that if the Wifi AP (Linksys) reboots, the Tablo does not properly recognize that it lost connectivity and needs to renew its IP address lease. As a result, there is no communications between the Tablo and anything on the network until I reboot the Tablo AFTER the Linksys has finished rebooting.

This happened to me on Sunday (2 days ago) and I only noticed Monday (yesterday). Rebooting just the Tablo worked. As you indicated you’ve already done the same thing, I don’t expect it will work for you.

What really annoys me about this is that the Tablo failed to record scheduled recording during the period it didn’t have network connectivity. It should be able to continue recording even if it doesn’t have a network connection at the time.

Doesn’t the manual for Linksys router indicate there are two forms of reboot: pull the power cable or use the diagnostic menu reboot?

Doesn’t the diagnostic menu reboot imply that all devices will be reconnected to the internet after the reboot. That sounds like this form of reboot is a soft reboot and the router handles everything.

Possible you are experiencing an IP Address conflict. Have you reserved a specific IP Address for the Tablo in your router?

After rebooting your Tablo if the blue light just keeps blinking (slowly), that means it is not connecting to your router and not getting an IP address from your router.

I say try rebooting only the Tablo and see if that works.