Tablo not formatting drive

I have a 4-tuner Tablo. It has been working just fine until I performed the latest firmware update. Since then it’s been a nightmare for me. The drive that has been in use for the past 3-4 months is suddenly ‘not found’. So I plugged in another small 60GB Fujitsu drive. The Tablo formatted this and all is good for a temporary fix till the issues with the 1TB WD Caviar Green are resolved(40+ shows/movies recorded). The next day(today) the temporary drive (60GB Fujitsu) goes not found. It has 4 TV shows recorded. Today, I swapped out the drives. Now the 1TB drive is back in so that Tablo tech support can examine any logs. It is still not found.

Now we go from bad to worse… I insert the 60GB Fujitsu back, and Tablo wants to format. It just did that yesterday, and now has programming stored.

Installed the Paragon extFS on both my systems(win7 and win8.1). This program crashes trying to read the HD (both of them on both machines - I have left a msg for Taragon to investigate the crashes).

So I’m thinking, perhaps Tablo needs to start with NTFS to format EXT3/4 or whatever. I format the 60GB Fujitsu using Windows NTFS, test the drive and it is working perfectly.

I place the 60GB Fujitsu back on the Tablo, and it wants to format. It continues this cycle indefinitely, and produces two message: drive temporarily unavailable, then 30 seconds later, not found. I place the same drive back on my W7 machine, and it is still formatted in NTFS!!! Tablo did NOT format the drive, even though it announced that it is.

I am becoming convinced that the latest firmware upgrade is the culprit. All this started minutes after the latest firmware update.

Please, how can I revert back to the previous firmware??

The latest firmware has been working fine for me. I also beta tested it so I installed it twice. It sounds like something might have gone wrong during the install of the firmware update. I would try doing a hard reset of the Tablo. Press and hold the blue button until the light start flashing then let it do its thing until the light is solid blue. You will need to do you channel scan and setup again if you do this.