Tablo not connecting with my network-wife blames update

Hello there,
Been having a devil of a time with my 6 month old tablo… was working and connecting to my network via wired. Then wife said that an update installed and now I cannot get the tablo to connect. I have followed the power cycling of the tablo and the router and have reset everthing many times… also have attempted to do a factory reset.

The lights on the tablo never stop blinking (both fast a slow) and my router does not show it as attached even though the rj45 is connected and lit at the back of the tablo… even traded patch cords with no effect.

I have had difficulty with this unit a few times before but with some fiddling it has worked for a few months at a time.

I have a netgear r6700 router and have the tablo on a wired connection.

I am really thinking the networking on this unit is messed up.

I have emailed support but being that they are only 9-5 5 days a week not sure how long this all will take. Is there anything more I can do?.. I really like the idea of the tablo but not sure how stable it is and half hope mine will be RMAed as it really should connect to a wired lan much easier than this.

One of the things mentioned, but not explained well enough or emphasized enough about the new firmware is depending on the amount of content on your drive, after it’s “finished” you have to wait a pretty long time for it to be truly finished. It’s actually doing a lot of work after the update. If you get frustrated and restart or whatever the Tablo before its conversion is finished, it might mess something up. I noticed my hard drive light working like crazy after the update and knew it was “doing something” (it wasn’t recording).

@troypearce Our team should be in touch - we’ll see what we can do get things fixed up.

Hi Tablo support folks,
Well still hoping you are going to get back to me… tablo stopped connecting after update… now just blinks even with all of the power cycling, resetting of both tablo and wired network, and even a factory reset… now cannot even do the printed factory reset as it never stops blinking… how bout just sending me the rma proceedures as it appears to be not working.

@troypearce Sorry to hear you’re having troubles. It looks like the team replied to your previous ticket yesterday. As you know we work on a first-in-first-out basis so they haven’t reached your latest reply yet but they’ll be getting to you today. Stay tuned!