Tablo Not connecting from Nexus Player using hardwired ethernet


I changed over my Nexus Player device to have a hardwired ethernet connection. I then turned the wireless wifi off on the Nexus Player. But the Tablo App on the Nexus Player refuses to connect to the Tablo now, deleting it and rescanning makes no difference. Everything else works fine on the Nexus Player, streaming Google Play movies, games, Youtube, music, etc. Just not the Tablo App connecting to the Tablo. When I unplug the ethernet cable to the Nexus Player and re-enable wifi, it can connect to the Tablo just fine, it is just that the wifi signal is too weak and can’t stream anything reliably from the Tablo to the Nexus Player that way.

My NP is the best device by far working with my Tablo – but my NP doesn’t have a ethernet connection. I got mine in Dec just before they were discontinued. Do the older ones have ethernet?? But my wireless NP is much better with Tablo than my two wired Roku 3s.

They have ethernet if you get a micro usb to ethernet adapter. Works great, just not with Tablo app so far. I can’t figure out why.

And now, it is working just fine using Ethernet cable with WiFi turned off on the Nexus Player. Maybe it just needed to be left plugged in via Ethernet for a while to sort something out, or have WiFi turned off for a while to flush something out.

Either way, looking good now.

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