Tablo not able to be detected by FireTV

None of my Fire TVs work now. Uninstall/reinstall no workie. I’ve tried everything I can find here on the forum, including factory resets of both Fire and Tablo. Both Fire and Tablo have the latest Firmware. Help @TabloSupport !!!

Best way I Found to cast to Firestick or Chromecast from Apple devises is Video & TVcast FireTv, Video & TVcast Chromecast. serch; find it in the app store.

@davistroy We’re looking at this right now - and we hope to push out a fix soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Ok, @TabloSupport, I disconnected the Ethernet cable on the Tablo and set it up wifi on a new 5ghz network I created just for tv. Connected my fires to the same 5ghz ssid. Everything works now!

Same subnet and dhcp as before. So, if everything is on the same access pt and ssid, it works, but if Tablo is wired and fires are wireless, it does not. Even if subnet and dhcp server etc are the same in both cases.

I’d really like to have my Tablo wired, since it’s 18 in from the switch.