Tablo non-responsive ? does not finish booting?

When I got home today I notice the blue light flashing on my 4 tuner unit. I went about other things first like finding that there is a U-verse outage and I cannot get the DVR unit to boot, after troubleshooting that and learning that AT&T has a network issue I went back to my see why the light was flashing on my tablo.

I powered down everything again, router, switch, server and tablo. I still have the same behavior on the tablo, The blue light flashes a little as it seems to boot up and then returns to a steady flashing blue state. The tablo has a DHCP reservation, I can ping everything else near it on the network, but not the Tablo. I do not see a new device in the router DHCP that matches the MAC address of the unit.

I went back and tried the blue reboot button also in addition to powering the unit down.

Does anybody have knowledge of the blue light sequence ? or another suggestion ? I’m just shy of holding down the reset button to factory reset but don’t want to loose the few recordings I have on the unit if I don’t have to yet.

The slow flashing means the Tablo is not getting an IP from your Tablo.

Are the lights on the back of the Tablo at the Ethernet port?

Lights on the back of the unit indicate a link, I re-seated the network cable. The server beside the unit had a down network, once I rebooted it it came back, maybe I will try changing the port it is plugged in on my switch and see what happens, thanks for the knowledge

When you unplug the Ethernet cable from the Tablo do the light on the back turn off? They are supposed to when there is no link.

The link and activity light remain on steady when I remove the ethernet cable, reset, and then when I pull the power both lights are on steady with the ethernet cable removed

Sounds like a faulty Ethernet port.

Is your Tablo broadcasting a WiFi signal called “Tablo_XXXX”? Where X are numbers.

I have it configured for the radio off and everything is hardwired, will a factory reset enable the wifi radio ?

Check on a device with wireless, see if you see a network with that naming convention.

When the Tablo is setup with Ethernet but it cannot make a connection via Ethernet is generally enables the Tablo WiFi so you can set it up via WiFi.

Do not factory reset just as yet.

I guess it would re-enable the radio, but then I need to mate it to my wifi router

I do see a Tablo_XXXX network

My suspicions are correct.

I would try unplugging the Tablo for 5 minutes then plugging it back in and see if it boots up with a properly initialized Ethernet port.

If not, open a Support Ticket your Tablo may need to be replaced due to faulty Ethernet port.

I wish the solution worked, I plugged it back in this morning before going to work and the same, status. I had email waiting for me checking my status when I checked at lunch. I’ve come home after work to get my receipt and start the exchange process, I am pleasantly surprised to see an advanced replacement instead of shipping this one in for testing and waiting for a replacement.

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Directly from Tablo? Or from the place you bought it?

Tablo I assume the way the email and chat read, purchased through Amazon on 7/3/15

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Seem to have the same issue with mine, was working fine then stopped.
Purchased from Amazon on 8/1/2015

@alowrie200 If you haven’t already, definitely send us a note and we can get this taken care of.

thank reloaded app on Iphone and was able to get system backup and running

This has been resolved, I plan to ship the faulted unit back tomorrow morning.