Tablo no longer seeing Hard Drive after last update

I have been running Tablo since first 2-tuner run and it has been working great, however after the last update the device no longer was playing recorded shows.  I was in the settings and it showed drive was looking full so I went through the chrome browser and started deleting duplicate shows.  Was still getting playback error.  I then said okay and rebooted the Tablo.  While it was unplugged I rebooted the HD as well.  When both were up and running I looked and now Tablo does not see my HD.  I checked to make sure the drive was still okay by connecting it to my PC.(did not format mount or anything just checked drive manager to make sure it was “working”).  Hooked it back up to Tablo and it does not see it still.  I even plugged it into the other USB port and still nothing…Any ideas anyone?

GAH…After a hard reset now I am getting nothing but Connection could not be established.
Retrying in 5 seconds…it sees it but will not connect.

@TJANDJJ I’ve got your ticket and I’ve sent something over. We’ll get you fixed up.

Yes thanks for keeping on it.  I love the darn little box.

I’m having the same problem. What was the solution?

@MichaelB Can you clarify? Does your Tablo not see your HD anymore, or are you having issues getting connected?

Feel free to send me something directly on our support form.