Tablo network lock up

Sometimes my tablo’s network will lock up and all will rokus will get booted. I have to power down to get itvtobeork.

@Mark_Sloat Do you mean the Rokus reboot themselves? What version of the Roku firmware are they using?

No the Roku has no issues. The network seems to lock up on the Tablo. No one can log in or see anything unless you reboot.

Fairly certain this is the issue that’s been reported since the 2.2.9** firmware.

Tablo randomly becomes unresponsive, in most cases the blue reset button will not work.

I dont have the time right now to search for them but MANY threads and posts have been made on this issue. For a while most were being told to replace their USB HDD cable.

I had the issue twice right after I received the first 2.2.9** beta, but it went away some time after that (not sure the build #).

My parents are on the production version of 2.2.10 and they too experience this issue once or twice a week. The most recent happened Tuesday night, 8:20PM CST.

** Edited to update where the issue appears to have started. 2.2.9…

This has been happening to my Tablo since firmware v2.2.9 beta.
However, my Tablo has not frozen, become unresponsive, since I obtained a new internet service provider.
Along with my new internet service, I noticed my public IP address has not changed since the beginning of my service.
It’s been almost 4 weeks with the same public IP address, and coincidentaly, my Tablo has not frozen.
Previously, my Tablo would freeze up an average of twice per week, which, also coincidentally, was how often my previous ISP changed my public IP address.

You are correct, it was the 2.2.9 where it started… My mistake.

My parents and I are on the same internet service provider and both have static public IPs so while that may be A cause, its not the only one.

We’re still investigating the external IP change theory; certainly not ignoring it! We’ve got quite a few units in the field we’ve tested this on, and so far we haven’t been able to reproduce it.

@Mark_Sloat Send our team a ticket and we can take a look at your Tablo :slight_smile:

Did that yesterday. So far they don’t know yet.

If I didn’t say…I also noticed that the unit itself seemed to be still recording the channel up until I reset the unit by unplugging the unit. So I think it was just the network that shut itself down. I tried to log myself back in right after it kicked me out but it wouldn’t let me in. And the other person who was watching in the other room lost connection too. After I reset the unit is was fine. I have not seen it since.