Tablo Lost Antennae Signal

This morning my TV said Weak or no signal, check antennae connection. Did that. Rebooted everything, still nothing. I know the antennae is working because we disconnected it from Tablo and connected straight to the tv. The tablo has been having a lot of issues with reloading also. Any suggestions how,or if, this can be fixed. We’ve not even had it 2 months. To expensive for it to die In short period of time.

@CindyJ This sounds like an occasion where you want to open a support ticket to Tablo.

Ok, thanks. I’m so aggravated.

I too had the “Weak Signal” error show up just three days after setting up my Tablo (four tuner, refurb). All of a sudden I couldn’t view one of my sub channels, but the other channels on that number came in fine (11-2 wouldn’t work, but 11-1 and 11-3 did). Then it got worse when the recorded items would also give the “weak signal” error. I immediately checked the Ethernet connection and my OTA signal strength (very strong on all TVs). I then proceeded to “reboot” everything; Tablo, Roku, and even the router.

I did notice the Tablo coax port was loose and became suspicious. I tried my best to get it tight, but just before getting the antenna connector nice and snug, the port would start to spin. Most coax ports won’t move or spin when you tighten the cable onto them. The weak signal error did go away the next day, but I still reported the problem.

David from Tablo support stated the coax port should always be rock solid, so he sent out another Tablo, and I sent back the defective one. Happy to report there hasn’t been any “weak signal” errors since.

Good luck, and hopefully support takes good care of you. Because my original Tablo started behaving again, I wasn’t in any huge rush to get a new one, but I felt that the Tablo support team did a nice job.

Good luck.

Had the same issue with the coax barrel becoming loose in its mount and spinning freely…David also fixed me up with a replacement.

Interesting… Did your Tablo start to misbehave also, or did you just notice you couldn’t get a snug connection?

Mine was working fine - it broke free when I was hand tightening the coax cable to it after I moved it to a new location about 9 months after I got it. It continued to operate normally for me with the spinning barrel, but I wanted to ensure it would last for the long run and got it replaced.

Thanks. I got impatient and called. They had me reboot the Tablo after disconnecting the hard drive and we are operational again!! They also had me check the ‘source’ and somehow, during the night, the tv got to an incorrect source. All is well now.

I couldn’t catch the guy’s name from customer support due to static on the line but they were very friendly and knowledgeable!

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