TABLO losing connection when watching live TV

There is a problem with the TABLO losing connection-- even while there is no other program being recorded or any other activity happening with the TABLO machine. While watching live TV – real time-- using the TABLO machine it just stops midstream and gives an error message the it has lost connection. There is no problem with the OTA antenna or with the signal strength-- there appears to be only one tuner being used and there is no other program being played or recorded-- plus it is only being used on one device. When I click over to the direct line ATA antenna immediately when the problem occurs there is no problem at all with the reception or programming. I watch live TV using the TABLo so that I can have the option to pause and/or rewind the program as needed. I am using the Amazon Fire TV to connect with the TABLO.

The Tablo requires a stronger, cleaner broadcast signal than most TV tuners require.
If your TV tuner has no problem with the signal, it doesn’t mean your Tablo’s tuner won’t.
However, if your TV tuner does have a problem with the signal, your Tablo’s tuner will also.

You probably have your antenna split between your TV, and Tablo so you can use your TV for quick channel surfing.
I did that in the beginning, as well.
Unfortunately, splitting the antenna signal, decreases signal strength.

If you must keep your antenna setup the way it is, then make sure the antenna cables going to your TV, and Tablo are the exact same type, and length.

Thank you. I have had the TABLO Tuner since Feb 2017 and this is a new issue that started recently. I have not had this issue prior to that. (Same Antenna, same strong
signal strength, same wires, same cable length, etc.) I wonder if there may have been an update pushed out to the TABLO or the Fire Stick that has impacted this.

Broadcast signal strength, and quality vary depending on atmospheric conditions, obstructions (tree branches, leaves, your neighbor’s head…), broadcast tower power output changes…
Try plugging the antenna directly in your Tablo.
If the problem goes away, splitting your antenna between your TV, and Tablo may not be a good idea… it wasn’t for me.

If you send us a note, we should be able to see what’s causing the connection to break - especially if it’s happening frequently.