Tablo loses signal on Roku and Fire Stick

I just got my Tablo hooked up, and it seems to be working fine, then it will just lose connection. On the ROKU, it shows a half status bar and says “LOADING” and on the Fire Stick it will come up with an error that says “either loss of station or loss of connection”. I don’t know if it is the antenna or the WiFi.

No other apps lose connection with the WiFi.

Certainly sounds network related. Is the Tablo hard wired? Regardless, set it on it’s side or make sure it’s getting proper cooling (just in case that’s it, esp. if a 4 tuner Tablo doing WiFi).

Tablo is hardwired to my router.

Is this just Tablo Live TV? Or does it happen watching something recorded as well?

Only live so far. I haven’t tried recording yet, just got the Tablo on Saturday. It is the 2 tuner.

Try to record. Make sure to pick the strongest channel as a test. Then see if this replicates for watching a recorded show. I’m wondering if there is a reception problem.

When I first got my Tablo, it took about a day to “settle”. I think between firmware update, guide data, and attaching a hard drive, it was a bit overloaded. I’m saying this because I saw the exact same symptoms as you describe for the first day. Now it appears to run flawlessly despite being on wireless.

I haven’t added a hard drive yet, any recommendations on what to get?

@Fish I had no problems at all with the Seagate Slim line. 1 and 2TB, USB 3.0, no need for external power supply. No complaints at all on those. Often on sale, easy to find at a very reasonable price in my book.


I second the Seagate Slim recommendation, though I have had good results from the Seagate 4TB backup plus, too.

Thanks, everything seems to be working fine now. I bought a Seagate Slim 1TB and so far so good.