Tablo loses connection to both Hard Drive and Tuner

I’m new to the community; first post here. I set up my tablo about a week ago and everything was going great; hard drive showed up, scheduled recordings, got playback on all my devices. I was thrilled! Unfortunately a few days after set up, the Tablo app showed “no hard drive connected” and when I attempted to watch live TV, it stated “no tuner available” even for shows I was recording. I reset the device, and it worked… For a little while. A few days later it happened again. I’m extremely frustrated with this habitual issue, and feel like I want to return the device. I expected to have a hard drive full of recordings by now, and none of them work!!!

Search Cord Cutting - How Do You Do It - then read that discussion topic - then describe your equipment in a similar manner - then there are many here that will try to help you. :slight_smile:

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@Josh_Albright What kind of drive are you using? Feel free to send our support team a ticket with the details (the Mac of your Tablo included), and we can take a look!

I’m using an HP 1 TB portable USB 3.0 portable HDD.

Definitely send us a note, and we’ll take a look.