Tablo locked up twice this AM

Woke up this morning and had to do a hardware reset on the Tablo at 6 AM, and again at 7 AM before leaving for work. Hopefully this is not a trend. The Tablo is plugged into a UPS and is supported on the left and right side so air can freely flow around the bottom, sides and top.

@lewit57 Hm - twice in an hour is pretty weird. Have you seen this before? Also - if you feel the need to reset the Tablo again, make sure you’re just tapping and releasing the blue reset button. Holding it down for a few seconds will trigger a factory reset.

Feel free to send the details (including your MAC) directly to me in a ticket.

I have had it only for two weeks, and it has only required a reset once before. It has been working OK in the past 24 hours, and I submitted a ticket with my MAC.